Trying Fries

It can be a little awkward when the guy-you’ve-been-seeing’s Mom asks you to come to a family function. If that seems like an awkward way to put it, that’s because it was.

We hadn’t used the official terms, boyfriend or girlfriend, yet. We’d been 48 hour dating for about a month, which factored into normal 4 hour date blocks meant we were approaching 192 hours of togetherness, or 48 four-hour dates, or 1 date a week for 12 months.

I don’t think that was because we weren’t there, yet, because there was no there to get to. From date one we were together, without definition. We were just… we.

Startled, I recovered enough to quickly joke back that I didn’t know because I hadn’t been asked, adding, “I don’t even know when it is. I’d have to check my calendar, anyway.”

Turning to Jeff, to ask if he was ready to go, I almost laughed out loud. Brows drawn, eyes a bit wide considering the wedding possibility, hand in mid-air as if he was going to say something , instead, he just said, “Yep.”

We were already backed out of the driveway, and headed to the Tecumseh Antique Mall, when I let him off the hook. “You don’t have to ask me to the wedding, you know,” I said. “OK,” he answered.

And that was that. We went shopping, spending hand-in-hand time, exploring nooks and crannies, scouting my obsession: salt chickens, candy-dish chickens, tureen chickens, and canister chickens.

Then, we drove around Tecumseh’s important landmarks; the Carnegie Library, down Main Street to look at the houses and shops, out to Hayden Mills Community Center, by the Historical Society, and even to the plant – Tecumseh Products. Touring with Jeff was cool. He knew history and anecdotes and it was amazing to see the fierce pride and enthusiasm he held for his hometown.

We stopped for a bite to eat at Boomer’s – a favorite local, non-franchised, old-town hamburger-by-the-sack joint that had hodge-podge seating for maybe 30.  He told me how, when he’d been working on the farm, he would drive into town to cash his paycheck, and head back with a sack of the best burgers, ever.

So, I took his advice and we ordered burgers and milk shakes and chili-cheese fries, which I’d never had or even heard of, and as it turns out, didn’t particularly care for. The burger was awesome, the shake was hand-dipped.

The whole day was a fun, unique experience. I didn’t go home with any chickens from that trip.

I did go home with a great kiss, the memory of a great day, and the promise of more great days to come.

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  1. Great story of country love!!!


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