I wasn’t actually asked to attend the wedding, it was just sort of included in the “See you next week, and the wedding is outdoors, so wear comfortable shoes, and plan to stay over,” departing after-kiss usual mutual, “I’m going to miss you,” speeches.

I showed up in Tecumseh with an overnight bag and surprisingly low jitters. Surprising, because I am an uncomfortable person. I like meeting new people, individually. Not a gaggle at a time; not as an outsider to a closely knit group.

Jeff’s family unintentionally broke it down for me. From his sister including me with in her pre-wedding events with her bridesmaids even though we had barely met an hour ago , to his mother introducing me and assigning me to her best friend who’d come all the way from California, it was easy.

And it was fun because it was busy and there were tables to set up and decorations to work on, and I love production work – of any kind

I don’t remember how we got to the park, but soon after arriving, I had an assignment. In a summery dress and self-made custom floral sneakers to match, I found myself a little off to the side of the location preparations on “Stay here with Nannee,” watch.

As she sat in the shade fanning herself, I figured out that Nannee was a lot like Jeff. She could talk to anyone about anything. So, we talked.  A young couple standing a little aside on a paved path caught my eye and Nannee’s, too. She flagged them down and beckoned, and as Jeff stopped to check on how I was doing, I was introduced to Lori and Steve.

Like everyone else I’d met in Jeff’s world, they were easy to be around, kind, funny and caring. Significantly, they were a “they,” so obviously one unit, and in an instant, recognized them as us.

In a second, I realized that I was no longer just me. I was also now Jeff.

Less than 2 months in, we were already Jeff and Jodi, or Jodi and Jeff.

I had stumbled into a previously unbelievable, mythical-match where 1 + 1 equaled a much larger type of 2, and I fell even deeper in love with “us.”

Quote for the Week:

2015 12 22 When people talk about how a second changes everything  jakorte

Enjoy this Week’s Discovery Links:

How do I know?

Sort of:

Glad I never saw this aka the internet wasn’t what it is now:


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