The String Thing, 2

So, about the string thing….

There was this woman with a worthy JLo booty, and she changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but that one little piece of information made a big impact.

The infomercial shot cut away from the widely demographic group of this-is-for-everybody dancers back to the spokesperson. She offered an explanation followed by a demonstration on how to imagine a string coming from the top of your head.

The idea was to make sure you were holding your head in alignment with your body.  I stood up and tried it, and felt a difference. She also talked about the importance of working stomach muscles, again demonstrating some moves.

I didn’t buy the CD-set. Money was still questionable after closing the store and losing Jeff’s portion of our income. I kept thinking about it, though. Walking with the string thing gave me a different point of view. I tended to look down for sure footing. The string thing kept tugging my head back up.

I tried the string thing on the treadmill, and realized I was nowhere near balanced. It made the walk so much harder, I had to walk slower. Even setting myself back to 30 minutes, I would sweat rivulets. I used some of the dance moves in an awkward self-devised cool down, once I was back on the den floor.

A few steadier months in, I was bored and decided to spice up my life by executing those moves on the moving treadmill. I could do it, and I loved it! I would dance myself up and down the length, in perfect posture while belting out off-tune tunes. For variety , some nights I’d switch on the TV, usually already on the International Music Channel. The timing was such that I most often ran into a portion of the Bollywood hour on IMF. I have no idea how to properly belly-dance.Miss Fred probably thought I looked like a loon, but the dancing I was doing felt good.

Before I moved to Ann Arbor, I routinely treadmill danced 45 minutes to an hour almost every night. The result was 118 pounds lost and confidence in my movements gained.

The move, not being allowed to use my treadmill in a second floor apartment, changing positions at my job, the 5th anniversary of Jeff’s passing, and two surgeries set me back. One was the removal of my gall bladder, the other was repair of a hernia I gave myself on an elliptical.

I felt I wasn’t getting enough of a core workout, so I tried pedaling in a downhill skier stance. If I hadn’t had the first surgery, it might have been ok, but the weakened stomach muscles gave.

I never recovered my intense treadmill habit. I’d swim in the summer, walk outside in nice weather. I’d struggle to get the workout room, and then give up when it got too cold or snowy or icy or I just didn’t feel like it.

I’ve been battling the same 25 pound regain for 5 years, now. That’s 25 pounds more I have to lose to reach my BMI goal, totaling a 40 pound goal. January 2nd, 2017 I recommitted.  All fired up with an eclectic and eccentric playlist, I’m working my way back to treadmill dancing and more of the story of us.

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Fitness Magazine 100 Best Workout Songs

Playlisting: Treadmill Time, 03 14 2014

Today’s Ancient  iPod Shuffle treadmill playlist:


Avril Lavigne. What The Hell.

Bush. Machine Head.

Duncan Sheik. Barely Breathing.

Rodney Atkins. If You’re Going Thru Hell.

Cee Lo Green. F**k You.

Del Amitri. Sometime I Just Have To Say Your Name.

Carrie Underwood. Jesus Take The Wheel.

Ne-Yo: Closer.

Crosby, Stills & Nash. Southern Cross.

Kid Rock & Martina McBride. Care.

AllStar Weekend. Undercover.






Playlisting: Treadmill Time 03 13 2014

Today’s Ancient  iPod Shuffle treadmill playlist:


Joss Stone: Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now (…because some songs deserve double play.)

Rob Thomas: Give Me the Meltdown.

Blue October. Into the Ocean.

Van Morrison. Full Force Gale.

Marillion. The Uninvited Guest.

Counting Crows: Open All Night.

Uncle Kracker: Drift Away

The Delevantes: Pocket Full of Diamonds.

Aaron Shust: Give Me Words to Speak.


Playlisting: Treadmill Time 03 12 2014

Today’s Ancient  iPod Shuffle treadmill playlist:


Joan Armatrading. Is It Tomorrow Yet

Lifehouse. Wrecking Ball (…not the Miley Cyrus song at all.)

Evanescence. Call Me When You’re Sober

Color Me Bad. I Wanna Sex You Up (…truly, not sure where this track came from.)

Dashboard Professional. I Know About You

Rob Zombie. Dragula

Melissa Etheridge. Bring Me Some Water

Blues Traveler. Run-Around

Chris LeDoux. Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy

Joss Stone. Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now


Playlisting: Treadmill Time 03 11 2014

Tonight’s Ancient (250 songs max) iPod Shuffle treadmill playlist:

Blue Rodeo. Till I Am Myself Again

Lady Antebellum. Slow Down Sister

Ed Sheeran. You Need Me, Man (I Don’t Need You.)

U2. Stuck in a Moment

Bone Pony. Poor Boy Blues

When In Rome. The Promise

Brother Phelps. The Other Kind

Chris Rene. Rockin’ With You

Jason Isbell. Super Eight

Muse. Super Massive Black Hole

David Ford. Pour a Little Poison

The Wreckers. Leave the Pieces

Crowded House. I Walk Away

Works Progress Administration. Always Have My Love

Keane. Is It Any Wonder



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