Nannee said she didn’t care for cats, but allowed Talli to mostly live in the basement. I say, mostly, only because a few times he wandered upstairs in the evening when he heard my voice, and surprisingly was not encouraged to return promptly from whence he came.

Nannee said he was a well-behaved cat, and we suspected he may have occasionally kept her day-company.

The basement was also where the only shower was. A creative contraption consisting of flex-tubing with one end screwed onto a utility sink, and the other attached to a shower head. When not is used, the hose hung over a round hula-hoop type apparatus sporting a curtain; all strategically placed over a floor drainage grate.

I suggested to Jeff that with a little extra plumbing, we could easily have a shower installed in the upstairs bathroom for Nannee as a kind of thank you for her hospitality. Jeff said he’d suggested that before, and in typical fashion, she’d poo-pooed him saying, “Oh, Jeff. I don’t need that!”

I can’t say how long we stayed, but it wasn’t long because I only took four showers in the basement and maybe four baths in the tub. Weekends we showered at Jeff’s mom’s and put in applications for every apartment we could find. The timing was still off and there were no mid-winter vacancies, but we submitted wait list apps and submitted to waiting until whenever.

As if the kismet of the attic chicken wasn’t enough, that same day, the largest unavailable rental apartment we wait-listed, came available by default.

Not house beautiful, but a beautiful price in a beautiful neighborhood within walking distance to gorgeous downtown Tecumseh. The Historical Society was around the corner, as was the local vet and the local hospital.

Our first place together was a two bedroom townhouse with 1 bath up, a ½ bath down, and a strangely placed mechanical closet right in the middle of the floor plan. For future reference, since it’s going to be important, you need to know this. So …

Imagine a square layout – walk in the front door and the stairs are on the left going up to the bedrooms.

The ½ bath is under the stairs and the back door is straight ahead.

Walk past the center floor-to-ceiling block and on the backside, next to the back door is the kitchen galley.

Turn to face the front of the apartment, and you’ll be in the ‘dining area.”

4 steps further, you’ve stepped into the carpeted living room, picture window straight ahead and front door to the right of the window.

You’ve now gone full-circle, and are hopefully able to envision that awkward square within a square, mechanical closet at the center of the apartment.

Which, became an an almost immediate source of tribulation…

Quote for the Week:

2016 03 22 things dont always makes sense first or second jakorte

Enjoy This Week’s Discovery Links:

Kilbuck: http://www.apartments.com/kilbuck-townhouses-tecumseh-mi/ftjc72t/

(right-hand photo, corner unit with the white car in front)

T and T: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/trials-and-tribulations

Like this…: http://homeguides.sfgate.com/hook-up-shower-bathtub-faucet-25602.html


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