Using Up Milk

Does anyone else’s thought process go like this?

Hmm, I have a half half-gallon of milk left, and an expiration date of tomorrow. That’s too close for me to comfortably put in in a glass and straight-up drink it. Nope, if the milk will be going past its prime within the next 12 hours, I’d better bake a cake.

Check for a cake mix. I usually have one, but I’m never sure what type it might be. White Cake! My favorite to work with so, I gather up the box, eggs, and some healthy coconut oil. Because, healthy is important. Making bad stuff healthier counts for something, right?

Then… Debate # 1:

A sheet cake or cupcakes or 2 round cakes? Sheet cakes are easier to share, but sharing means I’d have to find a someone or for a healthier alternative I should find a few some-ones. And it’s nighttime on a weekday, so the chances of that happening are rather slim. Cupcakes. Well, cupcakes are portional. Portional sometimes works for me; sometimes not. Like back in a few years when I joined the Sparkspeople tame your sweet tooth challenge. I thought I’d just have one a day. Again, not a healthy choice, but a better choice than eating a sheet cake. Which lead me to the round cakes idea. Two round cakes – one goes directly into the freezer for the future and so I don’t eat it. Still, though, the temptation to eat cake for breakfast , lunch and dinner has in the past become overwhelming. I decide on cupcakes and this time vow to bring them into work to share.

Debate #2:

A glass mixing bowl versus my not-used-so-much-anymore Kitchen Aid? One isn’t any easier than the other, so why that stymied me, I have no idea. While pretending to be still deciding, I check the cabinets for add-ins, because really, who eats just plain white cake without frosting. Without frosting, because I didn’t have any, and was not about to pull out a cookbook and start a project like that as it was getting later and later. Mini chocolate chips and mashed bananas? Pulverized pistachios? Marshmallows? Yeah, I could stuff fluffy little mini marshmallows into the center of cupcakes. Oh, and top with chocolate chips! That’s make the no frosting thing more ok.

Suddenly my counter is cluttered, and I’ve run out of space to mix anything. I moved a few things around and took out the milk jug. The sound of a milk jug coming out of the refridgerator brings my beasties running. One loves milk; the other one doesn’t. Having been trained well, I go through the routine. Placing my body between the two furballs, I pour milk for the one, and walk the other away from her backwards. He’s not closing in to steal her milk. He just wants to be sure I know he’s there and that I plan on following through with the throwing and fetching of treats.

Debate #3

To bake or not to bake, that is the question. While I’m questioning it becomes 8:00 PM. Fifteen minutes to mix; an hour to bake. I recall seeing a box of pudding mix in the cabinet while I was foraging around for add-ins. Sugar free chocolate: I can still add marshmallows to that that, right? Right! I pat myself on the back for avoiding the cake/cupcake conundrum. There’re only four servings in a box-restricting the potential for all-out system- damage. Pudding it is!

Debate #4

Standing there, tossing little milk-flavored Temptations, I have a disturbing thought. If I mix the nearly-expired milk into a pudding, won’t the milk still go bad? Cooking and baking chemically transform milk, to what I have always assumed was a safer place, but… instant pudding is just that – instant. No cooking, heating, baking, transforming required. I certainly don’t want to eat four servings of pudding this evening. Time’s already ticking away, the milk is getting older, and I am becoming more hesitant.

What it really comes down to is this: Which is more costly; throwing away suspect milk, eating some form of time consuming, calorie-crazed, cake-y thing, or wasting a perfectly good pudding mix?

Life lands us in many non-food versions of similar dilemmas.

What is the cost of taking out the garbage in the freezing rain versus letting it stink-sit overnight?

What is the cost of skipping a workout today versus reaching a fitness goal on time?

What is the cost of fear of rejection versus being comfortable with whom you are?

What is the cost of maintaining an unhealthy relationship versus letting go when it has moved past useful positivity?

What is the cost of salvage when it leads to greater waste?

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