Facebook requests come at me often. General inquiries aimed at anyone, mostly themed around the current child’s worlds.

I’ve never been an expert on children. I’ve never been an expert on anything, truly. I can only help out with bits and pieces from research and my own formulated impressions.

Personally, I’ve always objected to being labeled “nice.” For me, the word implies satisfactory, fine (acceptable), merely pleasant, nondescript, and definitely non-remarkable. Interestingly, the Merriam Webster definition of nice includes the word “kind.” I disagree, based on nothing more than self-derived semantics. The subtle difference is in the appointment.

Nice is surface: it’s how you behave when meeting a new person, politely with reservation. There is no investment in nice, no kindred-ship. Although, in most situations, the world and all its inhabitants, are a little easier to handle when everyone is “nice.”

But, kind…

Kind is deeper: it’s actually caring. Again, from Merriam Webster: showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others : wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others.

My interpretation and aspiration of kind is spiritually and/or physically drawing others near enough to determine what is needed, and providing it.  This is my problem. I want to invest… in everyone. And, depressingly, the number of people willing to be kind in return is extremely, extremely small.

I’ve lost the lead-by-demonstration battle so many times, and yet, I go at it again and again. It’s crucial to my existence. Not quite like breathing; more like inhaling deeply to oxygenate places unreached by shallow draws. It’s my expansion into the world; my Spirit Life; my Rise.

It runs a little low, at times. Periods of pull-back, of recoup, aren’t as uncommon as I’d like them to be. I am always drawn back, thanking Ephesians, the Dali Llama and Steve Earle for my repeated resurfacing.


Quote for the Week:

kind fierce brave






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