Yesterday, 04 20 2021

Watching comments roll through. Amazed and appalled.

There’s no emoji to cover this.

Comments. “I care” or “I’m praying for you.” Over used by people who do neither.

“I’m sorry,” is just a tiny-teacup reaction, a substitution for nothing of value to say.

There are no words that can make sense of senselessness.

There is only guarded freedom of speech.

There’s absolutely nothing we can say or write without fear from some reactionary faction.

Quoting news sources will be met with scoffs of non-reliability, so I’ll skip that part and just share the words I’ve heard spoken myself.

Van Jones said, “One down. Many, many more to go.”


Worth watching: Walking On Air Artist

When asked, “What’s it going to be?”

Artist Sean Garrison answered, “It’s either going to be Heaven or Hell.”

And, now, yesterday’s hope is heartache, again, today.

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