The Pout

“Yes.” Jeff responded with as much exasperation as he could muster, which wasn’t much.  “I can be in charge of something,” he pouted a little.

Besides the fact that he was right, the pout always undid me. Actually, the pout itself wasn’t the thing that swayed me. It was the pout combined with the boyishly hopeful look in his eyes.

When given the chance (aka as me letting something go), Jeff made great inroads.

He conquered the wedding menu, listed the songs he really wanted the DJ to play and made sure he had some of the ones the DJ wasn’t likely to have handy. He took care of picking up the flowers and mums and getting them to the bar before the ceremony.

Jeff was also in charge of getting our self-penned vows and the ceremony in order for the minister. We received a great draft and ok’d it and we were feelin’ pretty good about everything.

Having never done this before, and not since, either, I’m not sure every state works or doesn’t work the way Michigan does.

In Lenawee County, you cannot get a marriage license more than 33 days before your wedding. There’s also a 3-day waiting period. There’s no need for blood tests or pre-marriage counseling. However, law requires various educational materials make it into your hand: pre-natal care, prevention of VD and HIV.

Based on that, and the fact that I had an outpatient medical procedure appointment coming up, we decided that we would both take the full-day off work, go to my appointment, and then to get our license.

There’s something to be said for efficiency, right?

Quote for the Week:

2016 06 21 Efficiency may be the name of the game jakorte


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2016 06 21 wedding menu jakorte

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