You broke it… how?

While in the townhouse, we ended up at the Emergency Room a few more times.

Once was because a big chain pharmacy had filled my fibromyalgia prescription at triple the dosage prescribed. The bottle instructions and I both followed doctor’s orders of one pill 3 x a day.  So, instead of taking 300 mgs a day, I was taking 900 mgs.

I could barely stand or think. I signed a wedding card from Jeff and me with my name twice, Jeff’s name none and misspelled his last name as “Corte.”

The second to last time, belonged to Jeff, and was the first time we had been non-urgently directed to the patient waiting room. I’d never been there before!

When it was our turn, the attending physician rounded the corner checking a chart. He introduced himself and said, “Let’s see your foot.”

Jeff took off his sandal and sock, held up his foot and said, “I think it’s broken.”

After a quick look at Jeff’s half-purple foot and  he replied “Yep, that looks like it’s broken. We’re going to send you to x-ray to see just how broken it is..”

We both nodded, and then the doc asked the million-dollar question.

“So, how’d you break that toe?”

Jeff unpretentiously and matter-of-factly replied, “Shaving.”

“Uh, shaving?”

“Yep,” Jeff said, “it was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

He then re-enacted the ordeal, demonstrating how he had raised his arm to swipe the electric hair trimmer over the top of his head, how his elbow knocked into a decorative sunflower picture, how the framed picture then fell, pointy-corner towards the floor, and land squarely (or cornerly) on his big toe.

Yep, that’s how he broke it.

I’ve often wondered how many stories about Jeff became the stuff emergency room legends are made of.  You haven’t heard all of them, yet. There’ll be more.

Despite all this, I wasn’t thinking about forever, because it was already settled.

I didn’t think about our frequent hospital-flyer status or marriage.

I never considered what would happen if we didn’t stay together.

That just wasn’t fathomable, which made being ‘us’ seem all the more right.

Until July 2000…

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2 comments on “You broke it… how?

  1. Carleana says:

    I love reading about you and Jeff and your many antics! Thank you for sharing all of these colorful stories!!


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