In the Middle


Being there, felt really good.

My first experience on a waterbed did not. Later, I learned that it had been there a while and perhaps no longer had the appropriate amount of liquid bulk.

The first night in was a trial of seasickness and roll. Getting on from both sides meant meeting in the middle. I mean, really meeting in the middle of the sagging mattress, as in no space between us in the valley of wake. Eventually, we settled into a mandatory, slightly uncomfortable cuddle. Took me a while to fall asleep, waiting for the movement to cease.

Morning turned out to be a challenge. I tried to get out of bed without waking Jeff because I kinda urgently had to go. After flopping around like a fish, I finally got my fingers on the edge and pulled.  I inched toward the bed side and Jeff slid after me. I almost had a knee over the frame when Jeff said, “What are doing?”

“I’m trying to get out of this crypt,” I answered, which made him laugh.

“Just swing your feet over,” he advised.

“I would if I could!” I replied.

“Look,” he said. “You do it like this…”  He ended up with his feet and calves propped over, but not his knees. I got sucked back into the crevice; his head landing on my belly.

“Mm, hmm,” I said. “Really?”

“I can’t get out because you’re too close,” he said.

“Where would you like me to go?” I asked.

“Ok,” he said, as he slid his limbs back onto the bed and slithered into another position.  “Let’s try this.”

We double hand gripped on opposite side and pulled, which caused waves, which caused us to smack back into each other and get retangled in the middle, which caused us to giggle, which made the waves wavier, which made Jeff belly-laugh and my situation a bit more urgent.

Jeff finally did make it out, and reached back in for me.

I made a knock-kneed beeline for the bathroom, thankful as I passed Nannee’s door that it was still closed, all was quiet behind it and that the bathroom was unoccupied.

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2016 03 08 being forced to meet in the middle   jakorte

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One comment on “In the Middle

  1. Water bed brought back memories of the 70s, bell bottoms and pet rocks


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