Life Before We

The stories. There were so many stories about everything from music to movies, jobs to car troubles,  and were usually hilarious in an after-the-fact sort of way.

Like the time he was chasing a calf around a silo and cold-cocked himself on a handle crank. Knocked himself clean out, but when he came to, he got up and finished the task. He left his ball cap on the truck seat, and the next person to attempt to wear it (I guess that’s a boy-thing – sharing hats) found a nice little patch of hairy scalp in the crown.

Like the time he was giving cows antibiotic shots. Somehow he hit a bone, maybe a rib, and the needle flew into the air. He found this annoying, he said, because that meant he would need to go back up to the barn and get another needle. I order to avoid that, he spent some time searching the near ground for it, without any luck. Until, he stood up, and something was bouncing in and out of his vision.

That would be the needle; stuck through the hat, stuck into his head, bobbing wildly. Worried about infection, he figured he’d better head to an emergency room. When he got there and shared his story, the doctor had something like this to say.

Doctor: “So… what you’re saying is, you were giving cows antibiotic shots, and accidentally got the needle stuck in your head?”

Jeff: “Yes.”

Doctor:  “… and you’d like me to… what? Give you antibiotics? I think you covered that.”

Like how when he was once working on a non-family farm; living on-site in a bunk-house with only a bathtub. It would take a couple of baths to remove the mud and manure, hay grime and sweat. On Friday nights, after he’d cashed his pay, he’d stop at a market to buy Better Made (Michigan brand) chips, and Country Fresh or Dean’s (Michigan brand) Onion Dip, take multiple baths, pull out his VCR copy of Footloose and settle in for the night.

I liked the movie. I liked the music from the movie more. I rarely watch movies more than once. The exception to that is The Lost Boys. 3 times in the theater and anytime it came on TV, years later.  I loved that there was an Echo and The Bunnymen poster in the bedroom. Years later, in Nashville, I met the fella who put down the drum for “I Still Believe.”

Anyway, we watched Footloose a number of times over the years. It was more than a movie to Jeff. It represented farming, had great music and dancing (which he loved), an outcast turned hero, overcoming odds and of course, getting the girl.

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  1. kactusgirl says:

    I have wanted to comment often on your great posts but I had to have an account to comment so tonight I finally signed up for an account… For the sole purpose of being able to comment miss you my friend …Great story…. lolol…. Thanks for sharing! xoxo


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