Summer into Fall, Fall into Winter: we kept going and doing and being easy.

For Fun:
Flea markets
Dirt track races
Antiques stores
Dining out / Dining in
Grocery shopping
Auto shows
Live music
Day dreaming
Small town events
Racing stores

The holidays brought more getting to know you parties, dinners, family gatherings.

Liver pate, pickles & ham, cheesy potatoes were buffeted in the tiny galley of Nanny’s ‘Cape Cod’ bungalow. Traffic flowed a bit awkwardly back and forth through the no more than one person at a time narrow door frame leading. While entering from the cozy living room or returning from the sweet little kitchen, most favored the step-sideways while passing dance.

If the sofa, the one upholstered and the one rocking chair were full, which was inevitable, there was plenty of space on the floor. Jeff would end up there often, letting however many kids showed up roll over him and tickle him. His laugh would make them laugh, and we’d laugh, which would make us laugh more.

Since Christmas wasn’t my holiday, I fully expected to be an observer. I hadn’t expected the inclusion or the participation. I was told to go the basement and bring up some napkins, like I’d been there a million times and it was no big deal.

I was surprised with gifts from Sally and Nanny with a lot of Jeff’s input.  Jeff figured out the chicken thing pretty fast, and passed that information on. Chicken towels, a salt chicken, and a stocking stuffed – my own stocking – with an orange, an apple, and a candy cane. 

Dessert was a two-layer yellow cake with colorful twirl-striped candles and the inscription ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus’ around which most people sang the well-known birthday song. A gloppy plop on my plate is how I learned Jeff adored cake, but despised frosting.

The bustle, the jostle, the stories, the loud and continuous laughter; there were many other, but still too few, Christmases. That first one is still the most memorable. And still my favorite. 

 My own stocking.


Quote for the Week:

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