An Un-Cautionary Bite

He took a bite; not a cautionary nibble, not a hesitant taste. He took a real big bite followed by a big smile and enthusiastically declared, “That’s good!”

I have no idea what would have happened if it wasn’t palatable. I actually don’t recall anything being unpalatable enough for him to spit it out or drown-out by liquid guzzling. He appreciated every opportunity, and took the chance to try.

After we had finished eating and lingering, Jeff excused himself to use the rest room and the observation was shared that Jeff’s fore-arm was larger than most people’s thighs.

What I remember most, besides the lox, was the easy conversations, the laughter, and how much my face hurt afterwards from smiling.

Meeting my parents came next. Jeff wasn’t sure about that, but I insisted it was a good time.

My parents were living in Florida, had only come to Michigan to visit, were about to go home and probably wouldn’t be back for a while. He was a lot happier when he found out my brother and sister-in-law were coming along, too.

We all met up at a pub, sat at a table with tall seats, and Jeff unintentionally set out to prove once again, if he met you, you were his friend. He and my father had a little back-and-forth about the correct pronunciation of ‘Tecumseh’ and whether or not it  got less snow than Lansing because it’s a bit  farther south.

Jeff politely won the pronunciation argument. He patiently explained about the Lower Michigan Snow Belt and every facet of his life that he was asked about, made everyone laugh with some of his answers, and pulled out his wallet when the check came.

My father waved him away and said he was treating, to which Jeff replied, “I didn’t expect you to pay for my meal, but, thank you.”

Later my dad would tell me that he was impressed. He liked Jeff a lot, enjoyed his great sense of humor, and most importantly, he loved the way Jeff looked at me.

It’s the best feeling in the world when the people you love, love the person you are with.

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One comment on “An Un-Cautionary Bite

  1. Awe what a great memory thanks for sharing


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