Paths, Walking

I love summer morning strolls. Early, when the air is sweet, dew is everywhere and there are fewer cross walk delays. It feels good and feeds my photographic passions. Each year finds its own focus. Most of last year was flower-obsessed. This year, it’s about the paths.

I make most of my picture stops on weekend mornings when the walks can be longer, and slower. Weekday walks are more like work; calculated for maximum accomplishment, a bit forced, and not so photo friendly. The evening challenge is trying not to go too early or too late, taking shorter and faster routes in order to get life’s other evening things settled before midnight. It gets complicated.

Too early, it’s too hot and muggy and cranky commuters seem to find button-pushing cross-walkers offensive. Too late, when the air is cooler and breezes begin, I’ve felt unsafe. Loiterers make me nervous. I’ve had to ask myself, while picking up my pace, why an adult man is riding a rather small bike around in circles in the middle of an after-work deserted road while his buddy turtle-walks toward me unsteadily. Could be the guy on the bike is just an escort keeping pace with his buddy on their way home from grabbing a shift-end cold-one; could be something sinister.

The key seems to be to set out closely following the supper window. Winding my way around corners and clusters, rare repeats – an elderly couple, a solo dog-walker – nod as paths cross. I enjoy the nicety, but keep walking in true New York City style; never taking the same route two days in a row.

I do this for my own safety. It annoys me, though, that I can’t walk where I want, when I want without having to conceive and calculate danger, and that I must let logic push pleasure aside.

Quote for the week:

2015 08 04 logic pushes pleasure aside 08 04 2015 jakorte

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