I’m always jotting: ephiphanatic fragments.

Knabbling for bites that may be interesting enough to share.

I’m also always trying to decipher what seemed like obvious notes to clear thoughts.

Sometimes, I can’t remember the point; sometimes texting myself in the dark comes out one-key-to-the-left garbled because I am too tired to slap around for my glasses and afraid that a rare near-sleep state will dissolve if I were to make any miniscule effort above.

The weird thing about this constant comment dialog I keep with myself is that I’m rarely running around doing fabulous stuff. I never really review relevancy until Monday evenings, at which point, most everything I thought was worth thinking seems a bit mundane.

These are my Mondanes; shining a little too much light through drowsy holes in my logic, raising questions instead of reflections. Even if they do hold up, they’re sometimes shelved as inappropriate, anyway. Fear of repercussion holds them back, timeliness runs out.

I file dangerous pulsers away under “if I ever get desperate” on nothing-to-say rainy days. Others slip into the “there’s no way I’ll ever be able to word this wisely” pile, wisely waiting for the someday book of things no one thought I would ever say.

So, while sway doesn’t always strike, tie-togethers don’t always make sense, leaps are left invisible, and I sometimes forget to nurture a Godly nature, I still hope for understanding.

Even if all that can ever be understood is that I’ll never entirely be understood at all.

Quote for the Week:

2015 07 14 I hope for understanding jakorte

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What it means:

How to Really Understand:

To Fight Intolerance:



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