Transparency Intolerance

When someone tells me that they are receiving too much information, I just don’t understand the problem. Especially, when I know they are only receiving honest generalizations.

I make notes as I deem appropriate. They are thorough for transparency. The complainer isn’t my target audience, so the complaint has no long lasting value. It is however, extremely difficult for me to dismiss the ignorance behind it. Auto-defense mechanisms kick in, along with the desire to transparently explain the transparency.

Loss cutting is my new hobby. I no longer externalize, in any way. There is no oh-please eye rolling, no confused head tilt, no maintaining eye contact until the bumbling barrage is complete or winds down by intimidation; no politely explaining in a private email, no encouraged attempt to sit down face-to-face, and absolutely no, “When you say this, I feel…” response.

I’ve adapted, externally. Having learned through forced assimilation, educational attempts are never the right answer. The very process of explanation allows an attacker to claim to be the attacked. Differences of opinion rarely result in compromise, so the onus is on me to choose a more appropriate direction.

The only two choices left are: ignore, react.

Ignore doesn’t feel good, and doesn’t eliminate internal tension. It may eliminate future environmental tension, but quiet harbour can easily be unanchored by additional slight and temper set asail, at any time.

React; well, mean-spirited, planned to be undetectable reaction can be snidely rewarding. If detected though, the backfire will most likely be louder, more obvious and garner more sympathy than the original complaint.

I see-saw a lot. There’s a lot of blame being placed on religion as the cause of all problems. Quite frankly, the only thing that prevents me from causing more problems for the problem-makers is religious instructioning. Without it, I wouldn’t think twice about slinging shit back ten times faster and harder.

How about if we take religion out of it and just stop supporting a ridiculous complaint oriented structure? How about if we stop looking for insignificant fault and discontinue being judgmental?

How about future following this line of reasonable determination? Does it negatively impact your life if my notes are thorough? Does it violate your rights if you have all the facts? Does it cause you true distress to have enough information to understand the situation? Does it overtax your brain? Insult your psyche? Is it offensive by the true definition of the word, or just by vague-understanding?

It’s tiresome. In a playground world, at my age, I’m so inclined to push back. But the better reaction is to laugh at the idiocy, classify complainers as fidiots, and call it a day.

I haven’t quite decided whether this is an ignorable issue. Actually, yes, I have.

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Honesty and Transparency jakorte 04 07 2015

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