Free-Throwing Freedom

Despite the surge of summery days and sun-lit early evenings, I have no wisdom to impart.

No revelations, no speculations; nothing.


I’ve been free-throwing thoughts to see what sticks.

My weekly word-canvas remains blindingly wide-open white-space.

It’s unnerving to realize audaciousness can be as intimidating as restraints.

Luckily, liberty affords options.

Truths convey there will be lessons learned. Freedom doesn’t always trump franchise.

Being frank, open, or outspoken isn’t the same as receiving special privileges.

Broad-lane misinterpretations assume an attraction for life without rules or regulations.

Not everybody wants to be rudderless. But, almost everybody wants the sway.

Even with the freedom, the liberty and the franchise, somehow, we still can’t make it work.

But, at least we have the freedom of speech to say so.


Quote for the Week:

“To know how to free oneself is nothing; the arduous thing is to know what to do with one’s freedom.”  Andre Gide


Enjoy this Week’s Discovery Links:

André Gide: 

Pledge(s) of Allegiance:

The Positives of Negatives,  White Space:


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