I saw Jeff today, and I cried. It was the eyes , and the story. And standing up for what it right, and being willing to do the hard thing. And being selfless and GOD driven and loving all. Really loving all.

In our American lives, where we are mostly free to say whom we dislike. We do so often, and without conscience or fear. People don’t bond over who they like as much as they join forces in whom they dislike. It is a verification platform declaring, “I am right, and these people agree with me.”

In our 8 years together, I may have become aware of half-a-handful of people Jeff did not care for, yet, he would be quick to defend them. “That’s just how they are,” he’d say. “They’ve had a rough life,” or “Their actions toward don’t me change who I am, my beliefs, or my love.”

Earlier in the morning, I had seen a reference to “Buddhist Bootcamp.” The entry stood out, so I flagged it, shut down my computer and went to work in my art studio. Later, I visited the website, and found myself reading a familiar blog- path traveled.

I also, copied this Timber Hawkeye thought for future reference:

 “There is absolutely no reason to argue over which religion came “first” or whose philosophy is “better”. The important thing is to be kind, understanding, peaceful and compassionate…” 

With that point to ponder, I promised myself I would read the site more thoroughly sometime soon, checked my email, and browsed through the news. That’s where I came across the other “Jeff,” and cried. There was one impersonal group of people, a type he would not tolerate. He said so, many times. He wouldn’t support the death penalty based on his beliefs. “Except,” he would say, “for anyone who had hurt a child.” My Jeff would do anything to protect a child. The unknown “Jeff” apparently felt the same.

Of all the things Jeff gave me in our time together, his love was the most precious. I’m eternally thankful he taught me how to love, and exceedingly embarrassed to have forgotten those non-lessons; those demonstrations of how to love, completely.

Quote for the Week:


       Enjoy this week’s discovery links:

Where I Saw Jeff:–abc-news-topstories.html

Buddist Bootcamp:

Why Shared Dislikes Make Faster Friends:

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